What is OJ Pro?

- OJ Pro is a sports supplement formulated with the needs of the Professional / Serious athlete in mind using only premium, science validated ingredients at a full dose.

Is OJ PRO a Pre-workout?

- We call OJ Pro a Sports Performance drink as we designed it be taken before and/or during a competitive event as well as before training.

Why does OJ PRO cost so much?

- Great question, OJ Pro is actually a great value once you consider everything you are getting in this unique product. In fact, it would be more expensive and inconvenient to try to buy these premium ingredients separately while making sure that each one has been tested to be banned-substance free. You would need a high-quality Pre-workout, Cordyceps, a high quality Nootropic, An Essential amino acid product, Premium German Creatine, ElevATP, L-Carnitine L-Tartrate and you would like still be missing some important ingredients.

I already take a carbohydrate + electrolyte drink why do I need OJ Pro?

- That’s great! for the ultimate boost! I would add OJ Pro to your sports drink! OJ Pro does much more than just hydrate you, it provides you with the nutritional support to be able to focus more, to enhance endurance and power output.

My goal is to Compete in the Olympic games, can I take OJ PRO?

- OJ Pro is Informed Sports Certified meaning that every batch we produce has been carefully tested for all ofWADA’s banned substances in state-of-the-art labs. Athletes should feel confident that they are taking a safe and compliant supplement when they take OJ Pro.

I am a professional athlete and my Trainer says my supplements Must be NSF certified, Is OJ PRO NSF certified?

- There is a lot of misunderstanding about this topic. As a professional athlete in most cases you sign a Collective Bargaining agreement that may state that the supplements provided to you by your organization must Be NSF certified. This does not mean that you can only take NSF certified supplements. You Just need to make sure that any supplement you take has been tested to be Banned-substance-free.

What should I expect from Using OJ Pro?

- From the 1st use athletes report improved energy and focus
- After taking it every day for a week, athletes report an increase in endurance
- After taking it every day for 3 weeks, typically notice more power output and speed.

When should I take OJ Pro?

- 30 Minutes before training or athletic event, sip on it throughout event as needed.

How much water should I mix a scoop of OJ Pro with?

- Add a minimum of 10oz, add water until you find that theflavor is most pleasant for you.

Can I take more than one serving per day?

- Yes, you can, this would be an expensive protocol but will likely yield additional benefits 





“When I take it (Oj Pro) I feel unbelievable, my mind is in the game and I feel like my stamina is through the roof!”

NFL Lineman

“Literally the best supplement I’ve ever tried, im hooked”

MMA Pro/ Former UFC Champion


“Nothing compares to OJ Pro, it’s the best performance supplement in the Market, since I started taking it every day, I feel my best”

Blue belt Jiu Jitsu fighter


Ive never felt better during a game than when I take OJ Pro”



“I love the focus I feel, and its like I can play forever without getting tired”